On Wednesday June 14th representatives from Cheshire County and NH’s Monadnock Region were present at the 11th New Hampshire Business Day Luncheon which provided members of the New Hampshire business community with an opportunity to hear from top government officials and key congressional leaders about important federal programs and issues impacting our state.

Christopher Coates, Cheshire County Administrator was down for a second time and found the connections and time to communicate one on one with delegates and officials to be beneficial to enhance the vision of Cheshire County and how they can represent the region.

As Cheshire County and the Monadnock Region continue to recover from the struggles of the pandemic and the fiscal unknowns that we have and continue to face over the past few years it is critical for local leaders to advocate on a national stage for the health and well-being of our communities,” said Coates.

Cody Morrison, Executive Director of Monadnock Economic Development echoes Mr. Coates and saw opportunities to advance the goals of MEDC and how it could bring more awareness and even possibly leads on potential companies looking for a new location to expand.

“Building relationships with our federal delegation is critical to our mission of growing the regional economy. Speaking with Members of Congress, the Senate, and their staff about projects in our region, and companies looking to invest in southwest New Hampshire, will have a material impact that will improve people’s lives.” Said Mr. Morrison.

Cheshire County, Monadnock Economic Development and Greater Monadnock Collaborative along with many others are looking to showcase the Monadnock Region by working together to find new avenues to promote the region and develop lasting relationships with state and federal resources that can help benefit their local community.

Traveling this year to DC with Cody and Luca and to meet with our federal delegation, members of the White House, leaders of industry, healthcare, and other leaders from across the state over a three day’s allows us to tell our story and make the southwest corner of the state presence felt.” said Mr. Coates

Later in the day, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, along with the New Hampshire State Society and the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation, hosted the Experience New Hampshire reception to

showcase the state’s tourism, hospitality, fine arts and diverse food and beverage products.

Luca Paris of The Greater Monadnock Collaborative was at last year’s as well says that the evening festivities were an opportunity network with folks from all over the state and sample some of the states most interesting delights.

“Chris has a vision of many of us from the region sharing our stories and what NH’s Monadnock Region is all about and we hope next year our coalition can grow. The Greater Monadnock Collaborative is excited to champion that drive to get more representation from our exciting and diverse Food and Beverage community. We are in the process of creating a way to get more companies down next year,” said Paris.

Representing NH’s Monadnock Region were, Echo Farms Puddings from Hinsdale, Maple Nut Kitchen from Swanzey and Walpole Creamery from Walpole. They along with various other New Hampshire businesses were invited by Senator Shaheen’s office to be the spotlight of the Experience New Hampshire perception.

Mr. Paris says “I am looking forward to hearing from members of our community who may want to join us next year in Washington DC as we create stronger connections so we can communicate our story and collaborate with new partners for the benefit of NH’s Monadnock Region.