When Ted McGreer, owner of Ted’s Shoe & Sport got involved with the Greater Monadnock Collaborative’s new branding initiative, he never thought he’d be designing a sock to complement the process.  It wasn’t until NorthStar, a national place branding organization unveiled the new logo on clothing as well as socks that the idea presented itself. 

McGreer is no stranger to developing his own line of products.  He’s been working with a manufacturer to develop and design his own store branded line of running and hiking socks for about 5 years.  His employees are marathon runners, hikers, and avid cyclists who test and use the products they sell, so developing a new sock wasn’t a heavy lift.

“We designed and rigorously tested these socks right here in the Monadnock region with one common goal: to be the most comfortable, durable and best performing socks you’ve ever had” says McGreer.  His goal was to use the very best merino wool, which doesn’t itch, shrink or irritate your feet, especially under the most active conditions.  He then removed all seams from the toe, added a compression arch support band, and incorporated a Y-gore heel, which keeps the socks in place and prevents blisters.

McGreer added  “We truly believe these socks will be the first pair you grab from the sock drawer, and know you’ll be wearing socks with superior moisture regulating properties, which you can wear in any season.”

These socks are currently available at Ted’s Shoe & Sport, Hannah Grimes Marketplace, and the Greater Monadnock Collaborative.

Monadsocks are also available online at www.monadsocks.com