The salon that started out with 1 employee six years ago now has 11 staff!  Giving back to the community has been our core mission since our beginning. Our motto is: Amazon doesn’t sponsor your kids baseball team- we do! Emphasizing the importance to support local businesses. We call ourselves ‘Daymakers’ instead of stylists, for a great reason. We believe you should leave feeling better than when you arrived, every visit.

Located in West Keene, next to Westside Vet, our AVEDA salon has a prominent bridal business, making us to areas go- to wedding team. Some weekends we do 2-3 weddings total!

One of our signature services is our ‘HEALING HAIRCUTS’ that we are known for. A unique one of a kind service created by the owner, Anjalee. Combining the best of everything in a private setting. Crystal healing, Reiki, scalp massage, chakra, & sage are just a few things that we do- while simultaneously getting a silent haircut. This service wouldn’t be complete without a Tarot card reading as well. Each service is unique and custom created for the individual, depending on what your soul is needing. For more info- visit our website!

As always… the champagne is chilled at Heaven, and we look forward to being your DAYMAKER.