Troy Wunderle Wasn’t Clowning Around When Teaching Circus Arts at Kurn Hattin Homes

Westminster, Vermont – Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand, Troy Wunderle recently brought his love of teaching and his love of circus arts to the students at Kurn Hattin Homes for Children.

Vermont native and Big Top Adventures founder, Troy Wunderle, spent a week with the students at Kurn Hattin Homes teaching them the art of juggling, plate and hoop spinning, balancing acts, showmanship, partnership, determination, and so much more.

On his Big Top Adventure website, Troy writes, “In the face of countless fears and challenges, circus performers dedicate their entire lives to the pursuit of excellence. It is their dogged determination to prevail that gives rise to their ultimate success.

Troy’s talent and teaching ability, combined with his passion for circus arts and dogged determination, earned him the 2022 Excellence in Circus Education Award from the American Circus Educators Association. Troy has said, “I teach juggling every single day because it has very little to do with juggling. It has a heck of a lot more to do with how you face challenges, how you celebrate successes, how you take something that seems impossible at one moment and create an opportunity for it to be possible moments later.”

Aligned with the Homes’ mission and core values, the Big Top Adventure programs are designed to empower individuals to imagine a world of possibilities, while inspiring communities to play and support each other.

Caleb Steever, the Homes’ Athletic Director, says, “Having Troy come to the Homes is always a great experience for the kids. He teaches them new skills that require hand-eye coordination, balance, and focus. Not only are they learning something new, they are learning a whole new dimension of teamwork. In some cases, they are literally supporting each other and having to put their faith and trust in each other.”

While having fun and clowning around a little bit, Troy brings an inspirational message to those he teaches and entertains. He’ a great fit at Kurn Hattin Homes and in the circus. Even his name (pronounced Wonder-ly) sounds like it belongs in the center ring under the Big Top.


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