Westminster, VT and Keene, NH – Kurn Hattin Homes for Children is pleased to continue their new Career Awareness Program (CAP) with a visit to Fireworks Restaurant located on Main Street in downtown Keene. CAP is designed to introduce the Homes’ 8th graders to a diverse array of area businesses so that their experiences in real world settings might positively influence future educational choices and professional career paths.

The tour, which was hosted by Fireworks owner Adam Berube and Chef Harry Chambers, began in the dining room, seated at the Community Table. During his introduction, Adam shared the story of his journey from Keene State College graduation with a bachelor’s degree in dance to entering the hospitality industry. He explained that the performance and interpersonal skills he honed in college have been an essential part of his success in this people-oriented business. He said, “I fell in love with this industry right away because it’s all about making people happy.”

Adam also explained to the students that he started at the bottom and worked his way up, taking on every position along the way until he eventually had an opportunity to buy the restaurant. He said, “If you want to be in this industry, you should start at the bottom and learn all the positions as you move up.”

Now, with 68 employees on his payroll, Adam understands the challenges of each role and provides the training necessary to help staff members succeed and reach their full potential.

As Adam outlined the various job responsibilities in the front of the house, it quickly became apparent to the students that there was a lot to know in the dining room. The same was true in the kitchen. Chef Harry introduced the students to the dishwashing station, prep areas, walk-in cooler, and storage areas. He outlined the detailed task lists that accompany every shift and explained the process that enables the kitchen team to prepare and deliver multiple food orders in an accurate, timely manner.

When the tour ended, the real fun began. Back at the Community Table, Adam treated the group to lunch, letting each student create their own individual specialty pizza. A number of students had the opportunity to join Chef Harry by the pizza oven to learn the talent of stretching and tossing the dough, which isn’t as easy as it looks.

During lunch, Adam encouraged the students to assess their own personal strengths in order to pursue a position that’s the right fit, whether it be out from in the dining room or back in the kitchen. They could also consider working in the business end of the restaurant in accounting and payroll, social media, advertising and marketing, graphic design, or purchasing.

As an aside, Adam shared an observation. It’s his belief that people who have worked in a restaurant make excellent customers. These customers bring a level of understanding of the teamwork, focus, and attention to detail it takes to provide an overall positive dining experience. Now the Kurn Hattin Homes’ students also understand the complexities of the business, whether they pursue a career in the food industry or not, they will undoubtedly become welcome guests at every restaurant they visit.

Adam also discussed the intense level of commitment that it takes to make a restaurant successful.  “I’m here every day, but I truly believe in the adage that it isn’t work if you love what you’re doing.” He absolutely loves what he’s doing, and it’s reflected in the food he serves and the feedback he gets from countless repeat customers dining in Fireworks and in his second restaurant, Muse, also on Main Street in Keene.

Commitment goes beyond the walls of Adam’s restaurants and out into the community. Originally from Connecticut, Adam has planted roots and made Keene his home. Adam says from his heart, “Keene is a great community, and I love to give back when I can.”

In addition to supporting a number of local organizations with in-kind donations, he opens up Fireworks for a number of special events, including Community Giving Night. This gives chosen organizations an opportunity to receive 10% of an evening’s proceeds to support their cause.

This day, Adam opened up Fireworks to the students of Kurn Hattin Homes, an investment that shows tremendous promise of being a win-win in the future.

As the Career Awareness Program continues, there are plans to visit a variety of local participating businesses and organizations, including Len-Tex Corporation, Whitney Brothers, Savings Bank of Walpole, Badger Balm, the Keene Beauty Academy, RE/MAX Town & Country, Monadnock Community Hospital, with other destinations in the planning stages. If you would like to discuss adding your organization to the Career Awareness Program, please contact Lorie Rogers at 802-721-6917 or lrogers@kurnhattin.org.

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Main Street dining. Fireworks and Muse restaurants value community connections and strive to be good neighbors by sourcing local products and supporting local producers, artists, and initiatives. Call 603-338-0081 or click here to learn more about Fireworks, their affiliates, and monthly Community Giving Nights.


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April 20, 2024